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SUSE 10.1, la fine del tunnel

suse Pare finalmente che ci siamo, ancora pochi giorni e potremo darci al download assatanato della nuova SUSE 10.1 (si e’ fatta aspettare, 9 beta e 3 o 4 release candidate), ne ha dato il lieto annuncio – come sempre – Andreas:

We mastered wednesday RC4, fixed bugs and then mastered RC5 and declared that last night as goldmaster (= final version). We only did a limited set of media for now and will do the final sets, all the delta ISOs (both from RC1 and RC3), and a proper frozen ftp tree on monday and distribute it to the mirrors so that we can announce and release this version next thursday (12th of May).

Thanks a lot for all your testing, bug reporting, comments and encouragement through this especially long beta and release phase of SUSE Linux 10.1. I’ve heard early quite some critizisms but also in the end a lot of people saying that 10.1 is now a great release – and I would like to thank you for your part in making it great!

This is intented as a quick FYI – I’ll make a proper announcement NEXT WEEK with the RELEASE announcement,