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The narrative of Windows 8 and its successors is not supposed to be about re-introducing removed features and tweaking minor nuisances. It’s supposed to be about re-defining the way we engage with our personal devices. And with the tweaks and regressions of 8.1, I just simply cannot see how they intend to tell that story any longer. It’s disingenuous.

And, more importantly, it’s a shame.
Matt AlexanderBoring

  1. Funny that the author of that quote rambles against reintroduction of old windows features and prematurely abandoning the “proudly going forward where no man has threaded before” mentality, but never bothers to discuss the actual usefulness of any “new” feature introduced…

    • La mia segnalazione nel blog era perché avevo trovato una persona che si dichiarava ‘convinta’ delle innovazioni scelte da Microsoft e nonostante il mondo intero abbia detto che in contesti d’uso convenzionali hanno fatto qualcosa di azzardato, questi continua a supportarli a testa bassa.

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