Friday I gave you the URL of the most recent website I’ve realized for my AllBio assignment here at ITB, Bari. The “NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis Workshop” that will be held here in Bari (Italy) in April.

After a slow start, updates and details will be more frequent in the next weeks, so be sure to follow the News section of the website to be kept up-2-date.

builing a website for a workshop / meeting

So, nearly a month ago I’ve deployed online with the COST Workshop Barcelona 2013 event website, prepared in a fast-and-furious mode since deadline was approaching and the number of things to do for the committee where overwhelming, so they’ve asked me to help.

To realize that I’ve relied on an old friend of mine, WordPress, that once more confirmed to be a perfect choice to have good-looking and functional, vital, websites.


For the template I choose the free (as in speech) Squirrel theme released from InkThemes, which is a feature-reduced version of the full premium themes. But this didn’t worried me since the good design and code it sports in the free version. Also the static home page layout of the theme is really eye-catching with the right choice of opening images.

A design aware use of the widgets and some plugins made the rest possible and easily re-doable. Among those plugins I find that worth a mention are:

Hope you are enjoying this “disclosure” 😉

ProbCons, download your copy

In our Institute we are evaluating the Block Gibbs Sampler for RNA Prediction (RNAG) tool, running an instance on our server.

At the very start of the installation procedure I was lost since a required tool – probcons(1) – was nowhere to be found. It’s home page seems lost in the web and was uncertain if to contact its authors. So I decided to contact RNAG ones asking for help and they were kind enough to send me a copy (fast, and also they wrote to ProbCons’ authors notifying the problem!).

I’ve cleaned the archive file from their compiled executables, since they were not compatibles with some libraries in our 64bit CentOS 5.8 server, so that you too can compile a copy fully compliant with your system. So here’s the download link.

(1) ProbCons: Probabilistic consistency-based multiple sequence alignment

Protocollo Informatico CNR

Lately I’ve worked alongside with my colleagues in the administrative section of our research support unit to deploy the informatization of our documents’ protocol system following the guidelines provided by the central unit of the Italy’s National Research Council at

The procedure was not so difficult to follow, but there were some points in the deployment that needed eyes wide open to proceed without issues.

I am curios to see if anybody will need some assistance in their deployment, so I’ll keep comments opened on this post to gather those requests (eventually).

SeqAhead Workshop on High Performance Computing for Next Generation Sequencing analysis

Next Generation Sequencing has brought unprecedented volumes of data to the bioinformatics arena. Cost reduction in NGS forecasts massive adoption of these technologies by the genome research community. High Performing Computing might be a necessary choice for an efficient processing and analysis of this daunting amount of data.

The HPC4NGS SeqAhead workshop presents recent advances in the application of High Performing Computing solutions for NGS. The workshop covers HPC developments for assembly, mapping, RNA-seq, variant analysis, and more and it is targeted to bioinformaticians and computer scientists with interest in NGS.

I had the chance to participate to this nice workshop at the Bioinformatics Institute of the “Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe” in Valencia this week and it was amazing to discover many new talented colleagues, their projects and some interesting approaches to those same issue I live at work everyday and witness a growing, real, appreciation for us “IT guys” in this biologist’s driven world which today Bio-Informatics is…